Read Range in Workbook

if the “preserve format” is not selected while reading the range in the workbook does it also discards all the filters automatically?
Please help me with this query?

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When reading a range from a workbook using the Read Range activity, the Preserve Format option does not affect the filters applied in the worksheet. It is actually related to how the data is read and represented in the DataTable object in UiPath.

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as the option name suggests preserve format,
it retains the format of the values written inside it.
It would be reading the data of each row cell by cell, thus taking longer time to read the data from excel.
It will retain Number formats, Date formats, Currencies, etc.



No, selecting or not selecting the “preserve format” option while reading a range in a workbook does not automatically discard filters. The “preserve format” option primarily affects the formatting of the data being read, such as preserving the number format, cell colors, and other formatting styles.



ReadRange PreserveFormat means that we are reading what the user is seeing in Excel, it does not mean we retain the actual format, we are using DataTable and we can’t read data, modify it, copy it in other data tables and then expect the format to be preserved.

What use case are you trying to achieve with the workbook?

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