Read PDF with OCR only reads couple of pages or last page


I’m trying to read the text from a pdf using the uipath.pdf.activities read pdf with ocr and the microsoft engine. The problem is that it seems to only read the last page or the first 5 or 6 pages. Because I’m reading multiple files with different amount of pages I can not specify the range. I saw some other topics with similar issues, but no solutions.
I have tried range “1-end”, “All”, “1-11”, “1-18”, “1-”+Pagecount.tostring
All give the same not complete result.
I do notice some faulted microsoft ocr acivities in my output, but no exception messages

My microsoft ocr engine properties:
My workflow:

I know I could try to work around this by reading each page separate in a loop and the adding the text together, but I would prefer to have this working as it is supposed to be.
Thank you for your help

Hi @Barend,
Have you tried to experiment with other engines, changing dpi etc?


Any updates?

I have a similar scenario but with OCR Framework, is reading 6 first pages only…