Read PDF with OCR activity throwing error- "Error performing OCR : Connection closed"

Hi all,
I am using Omnipage OCR to read the Pdf sample. This is working fine in my system but my client system facing issue as “Error performing OCR : Connection closed”.
Kindly help me!!

Hi @ShayinaAlmas,

Suggests that there is an issue with the communication between the OCR engine and the UiPath robot on your client’s system

Try to run the OCR activity on a different PDF file on your client’s system to see if the issue persists. This can help identify if the issue is specific to the PDF file or if it’s a general issue with the OCR engine.

Check the system resources on your client’s system. If the system is running low on memory or CPU resources, it can cause issues with the OCR engine. Try closing any unnecessary applications to free up resources.

Try updating the Omnipage OCR engine to the latest version. This can help address any known issues and improve performance.


Hi RajKumar,
Thanks for your response. The omnipage OCR is of latest version and also I have tried with different PDF files, same issue occurs.


Can you check if any firewall is blocking the OCR …you can turn off to check if that is the case and alternately OCR used port 443 generally can see if that is being blocked in the client system


Hi Anil,
Thanks. Can you please tell me how to check this firewall and OCR ports.

Hey @ShayinaAlmas,

You can go through this it might be helpful.



Please check this


Hi @Anil_G
I have checked the ports, everything is fine. still facing the issue.

Hi @Chirag_Shetty_Divakar
There is no restriction due to firewall, enabled all the sites and apps.
Facing the same issue.

Thanks in advance.

Uploaded the error screen image for your reference.



Can you please run in debug mode and when error occurs open locals panel… and check the exception details…it might have more information on what is the issue