Read PDF Text does not separate columns correctly


I want to read text from a PDF file which is structured in two columns. I use Read PDF Text activity with “PreserveFormatting” checkbox selected (True). I get the text properly but, it loses its format and the two columns join as a line. Here my example:

Original PDF

Extracted Text

It would be incredible if someone helped me.

Thanks for all!

Hi @ingegaizka try using UiPath Document Understanding to segregate text extracted from the pdf. Try using form field extractor.

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Thank you for your answer! How can I try it?
Should I use Get Text OCR with UI Path Document OCR? I try with my licence’s API key but, it does not work.

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hi @ingegaizka,
Check out the videos below. They cover Document Understanding in utmost detail.
You don’t need to use Get Text OCR.