Read PDF Text activity is not working for PDF in Text format

I have table format data in PDF and I have to read particular data from the cells.
I have tried Read PDF Text activity but its returning empty as output.
But Read PDF with OCR is returning the correct pdf contents. But there is no pattern through which I can identify the data.
I have also used screen scraping method but it is also not working correctly.
Please suggest me possible options to read the tabular data.

U can try with DataScraping under Design Tab

It’s Working the output is store into Data Table Variable
Hope this will helpful

DataScraping works fine with tabular native Pdf.
In this case its Scanned PDF .
The only way to scrape the data is by "Read PDF with OCR"

I tried this method as well. But I am getting below error
This control does not support data extraction.
Please select a table cell.

Hi @KalpanaKumari,
Did you try using the Get Text Activity. As you have mentioned you want to read particular cell. To get more accurate data you can combine the Get Text Activity with Anchor Activity.