Read OTP

Hii guys
I want to login to my website
But each time it ask an OTP which was send to my mobile
So can anyone give suggestions how to read an OTP while login

  1. Using Orchestrator Assets. You can login into Orchestrator from anywhere and just update the Asset with the OTP.
    In your bot, you can delay for sometime before reading the OTP from Asset.

  2. Using Email. Once you get the OTP, send an email where your bot can be read your emails. Use subject that is specific to login OTP. so you can filter the email by subject for faster processing. Read the OTP from the subject or body of the email.

  3. Using shared file. May be using a cloud platform where you and bot can access the file. You can update the OTP in the shared file where your bot can read it.

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks for the reply

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