Read or write to a hidden text file

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I want to write a text file as a log. i was wondering if i could also make this text file hidden as well.


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Hi @David_Oku, you can try this method: Download the package “BalaReva.FileProperties.Activities” from Manage Packages and use the activity “Hide Unhide”. This is a simple activity, and you just have to give the file name, and check the box of whether you want to Hide the file. This is what it looks like:

You can also refer to this post as an alternative solution:

Hope it works for you! Please mark this as a solution if it does! Thank you.


Hi @David_Oku,

You can use Invoke Method Activity to acheive the same.

  1. Drag and Drop Invoke Method.
  2. Target Type = System.IO.File
  3. Method Name = SetAttributes
  4. Parameters
    1. File Path - Type - String
    2. System.IO.FileAttributes.Hidden - Type - FileAttributes.

Kindly find the sample workflow.
HideFile.xaml (4.0 KB)

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Ranjith Udayakumar


Hi @David_Oku, if either of these solutions worked, can you please mark it as solution?? It will help future forum members who have the same issue! Thanks!

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