Read multiple Text file - Delete row in first file (remove title in sheet) and merge all in one file


I’m trying to merge multiple csv file from a system generated reports daily (some day it is 1 file, if its exceeds 60000, it will split the file with “aa”, “bb”, “cc” in the file name.

The problem I’m facing is to read the first file (only file with header) that have 2 additional rows above the header. With that, I can’t determine the header from this. Which can’t generate data table using the header (starts at row 3).

Looking forward to your support and guidance!

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Wan_Shariff

Hope you’re well.

Have you tried the Join Data Table and/or Merge Data Table activities?

Hey @Jacqui_M,

Thanks for your reply! I haven’t try Join Data Table or Merge Data Table yet. I am fairly new to UiPath and .Net language, so any guidance is much appreciated.

I will try out Join Data Table or Merge Data Table tonight and update here back on the results. Also, I need to remove the first 2 rows in the first csv file, is there any ready workflow I can refer?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @Wan_Shariff perfect, if you get stuck please pop through a message, I’m sure we will be able to guide you. In cases like these it’s valuable for us to guide you along the route of learning the nigglies of all of this.

As for removing the first two rows, it would probably work better to use the Remove Data Row activity to do so.

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