Read multiple invoice format

can uipath recognise and read multiple invoice format?

eg: same company could derive multiple invoice format. some with promotion discount and with different layout.


You can use Document Understanding here. Have a look below thread to know more about this.

any demo available for this feature?

Hi @mayachoy

Please find the link below.

You can also go through the series of videos in the same channel for better understanding.

Happy automation

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how to deal with new added fields in the invoice?

Hi @mayachoy

Please use Intelligent Form Extractor and Create a template based on the Fields require to extract the data.

anyway to automate this part. as thousand over invoice, different vendor might add new field on the invoice unknowingly.

Hi @mayachoy

To automate a large volume of invoices and to have dynamic fields for each invoice template , you can go with the combination of AI center with Document Understanding.

Please find the link below. For better understanding please go through the series of videos in

UiPath AI Fabric Tutorials

Documentation on AI Center

About AI Center (

Please use Data Manager for labelling of Invoice fields and for creating the dataset.

Please find the link below.


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