Read last row excel and write data in other excel

I want to read data from file input last rows in yellow highlight (column G - column AE)
And write in folder output follow date month data input (column B -Z).

Hi @fairymemay ,

Here is an activity to find the last row.

Here is the video.


@balupad14 Now, I can find last row.
but I want read column G- column AE in last row.

Guide me about it.

Hi @fairymemay

You can use read row activity,it will store all column values of a particular row.(output is datarow - dtRow variable)

After that use dtRow(6).tostring will give G column value of that row

Hi @fairymemay

is this same query rised on another post we discussed…

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@prasath_S If I want to write dtRow(0).tostring until dtRow(25).tostring
In excel column B- column Z (in row = rowData)

variable rowData as int = 5

Please guide me about it.

@fairymemay I will write a logic for this in sometime and update thanks…

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@prasath_S Do you want me create a new topic or not?

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