Read IMAP Mail for Shared Mailbox

Hi all,

I a having an issue when attempting to pull email from a shared mailbox that my account has access to. I have confirmed and tested that my account can access the shared mailbox just fine.

I am not sure how to get the mail using IMAP for the shared-mailbox however. I can only get ail from my account at the moment., I keep getting a login error message.

i have tried the following fir the logon credentials

MailFOlderofSharedMailBox: Inbox
Password: password

Please assit. thank you


Check below for IMAP configuration to connect as your reference
Tutorial : How to Configure Gmail for Email Automation - #2 by hatakora

However the tutorial is based on GMAIL but the settings have to enabled to proceed

Hope this helps you


@Srini84 This link does not apply to my issue at all. It only covers how to get email from IMAP for GMAIl. My issue is how to get emial from a sharedmailbox