Read from Excel - Date Issue

Anyone encountered issue whereby robot reads a custom format (formatted as dd/mm/yyyy) column from excel where the date is entered incorrectly as 09/01/1900 but when read by robot it was extracted as 08/01/1900 instead? I tried to change the date also to 10/01/1900 and robot still extract as minus 1 day date.

I cannot find an explanation for this issue at all anywhere because all other dates with the correct year from the same custom column (i.e. 09/01/2020) were all extracted correctly as it is.

Is this a robot issue? Or something that just happens programmatically?

I am using enterprise uipath studio 2017.1.6522.

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I haven’t come across this scenario. It’s weird… but I have seen scenarios where sometimes it doesnt extract the exact format of the date as what we see when we open excel. That’s actually due to now extracting the data with preserved format option on.

Can you do one thing, once you click on that cell which has the date in excel, can you check the value you see in the formula bar and check whether its matching with what you extracted… and whether it is matching with the value you see on the cell itself?

Can You share Your file?

For me no issues extracting the date, just this particular case where the date end as year 1900 and it doesn’t extract correctly.

I actually managed to replicate with a new excel just by typing in a date, any date but ending with year 1900.

On Uipath, I used excel application scope, read cell, and output what is read and out comes the date minus 1 day.

I think it could be a Uipath issue at extraction time or that particular read cell activity issue?

Which file u need?

Excel file which contains those dates

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u can replicate that, i tested with a new excel sheet and as long as its date format in the cell, ending with year 1900 the read cell will come out with the date minus 1 day at extraction.

I am not facing this problem as i have tested on 09/01/1900

Yes, I have this issue. I actually did a bit extra testing and it’s any dates from excel less than 01/03/1900 for me.

01/03/1900 in excel parses from a read range datatable to 01/03/1900 in uipath
28/02/1900 in excel parses from a read range datatable to 27/02/1900 in uipath

Only thing that changes is the date in excel (all dates UK format)
I’m using UIpath 2019.10.1
Excel 2013