Read File from Google Drive in Mail

Hi everyone!

I’m working on a proccess in which the robot receive different mails from different users with an “excel” file attached. The problem is that the company only work with the Google Suite. So, many of the users, send the “excel” (created with Google SpreadSheet) as a link in the mail, which only can be read by the “to” of the mail.

But the problem is that the robot do not identify the file as an attachment, so it cannot process the file…

Do you know how can I solve this problem?

PD: I think that, to be proccessed by the robot, it should have access in the service account (not only be the receiver of the mail)

Hi @ajgb,

There are multiple ways to solve the problem.
The simplest is to share the file with the service account (or user) belonging to the robot.
Another to download the file as .xlsx and attach it to the email.
Another yet is to use the Permissions activities under Drive to have a robot share the file.

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