Read excel with dialog box

Hello UiPath community.

I have one question for all of you.

How can I read excel file with dialog box.
Example, client start Robot, Dialog box is show up, and client entered path of excel in box, click OK, and Robot read that file. My question is also: In that case, how can I set output for DT dynamically, because file will be in different place on system every day.

Thank you for your time everyone, I appreciate.


You mean, the number of columns will vary?

Please use the following activity to get the input from the user -

Karthik Byggari

No, Excel file is the same, one spreadsheet with 2 columns, second has 4. How can I set output for that file from Input box, that confusing me. When I read from folder, or desktop, that is ok, I set for that file dt_1. How can I automate that part?

Anyone ?