Read excel/csv to a Datatable

Hi Community,

I want to read an excel/Csv file into a datatable using either C# or

Can anyone help me on this. I visited the below link but not getting much knowledge

Any help would be appreciated.


@Yoichi @ptrobot @ppr @supermanPunch can you guys also have a look on the problem.

Hello @Dhruvi_Arumugam ,

Do you want it specifically with the code or using Uipath activities?

just let us know how close this topic is to see with the other one:

It looks like you are still working on the same task

In general we would recommend:

  • reducing black boxes caused by invoke code usages
  • shifting to buffered readers / writers when mass volumes are to handle and core staptements like ReadAllLines, … are no longer reliable working

Yes the topic is kind of relatable, If I talk about in reference with the above topic as once all the CSV files are merged a consolidated file is prepared of the merged data then I want to read it. Reading that it is taking me a lot of time which can break the SLA.

Thus, post merging the files the merged data file which came up i want to read that, so I thought of any help i can get on that.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

The activities are not giving me result in stipulated time thus I need some code workaround.


The activities just have code inside them. Using activities isn’t slower than code. Show us what you’re doing, what the source data is, and your activities.