Read data from json


I want to read data from API.
Below is the output string
“Start” : 2,
“Index” : 3,
“Result” :[{
“Id” : 12345,
“Email” : {
“Primary” : true,
“Type” : “R”
“DisplayName” : “xyz”,
“Roles” : [
“I’d”: 12355,
“I’d” : 76567,


It’s consistent JSon object , json array and multi dimension array.

I need to store this as a dictionary and read the data…
How can I do this

I am able to read json object by iterating the dictionary but how can I read property of json array.

use deserialize json activity and then you can use it like key value pair(dictionary variable)

@Harbansh_Singh ,
please find the below url

@muhamed_fasil yes I am able to do that with json object but when it’s comes, when dictionary has json array then it is giving me all the properties of json array how I can extract particular single value from that…

Hi @Harbansh_Singh

Check out the UiPath official documentation


Hi @Harbansh_Singh ,

Could you also let us know what are the values you would need from the Json and in which format ?

@supermanPunch I want to write the Json data into dictionary so that in one place and easily I can retrieve all the elements