Read data from first table

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i am using read PDF text activity to read the file and giving output as text. Below is that text.

We have debited/credited your account as below :
Account Details Debit/Credit Amount & Currency Amount in Words
BO-10205-80304-USD Credit USD 77,891.22 Seventy Seven Thousand Eight Hundred and
Ninety One US DOLLAR and Twenty Two Cents
10008447173 Debit INR 354.00 Three Hundred and Fifty Four Rupees
Charge and Tax details :
Description Charge Amount IGST SGST CGST
Commission INR 300.00 INR 54.00 INR 0.00 INR 0.00
TOTAL INR 300.00 INR 54.00 INR 0.00 INR 0.00
GRAND TOTAL of Charges & Taxes : INR 354.00 GSTIN :

I want to read 2 rows data from first table and sometimes here it may be 1 or 3 rows also. How to fetch these details. can anyone help me in this.

Lakshman Ganta.

filePath = WScript.Arguments(0)
filePath = "C:\Temp\vblist.txt"
Set ObjFso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set ObjFile = ObjFso.OpenTextFile(filePath)
StrData = ObjFile.ReadLine
wscript.echo "END OF FIRST PART"

Do Until StrData = EOF(ObjFile.ReadLine)
    wscript.echo StrData
    StrData = ObjFile.ReadLine

You can use this logic to read your string value line by line.

Hi @rkelchuri,

Thanks for quick reply.
Till now i did not write any code in UiPath studio. How to use this code and if you have any sample workflow then please share with me.

Lakshman Ganta.