Read Cell Value Decision not working

Hi Guys

I’m a bit confused by this one, as I’m sure it should work, but my decision keeps getting ignored and I can’t figure out why.

Basically all of my decisions work, except for the check if Grand Total is in the cell, it will ignore this, and read the cell and enter it into the application again/start running back through the process from the start.

It essentially cannot see when Grand Total is in the cell, and starts back through to point 1 entering “Grand Total” in the supplier box.

Attached is the .xaml and .xlsx file it uses to read from.

It’s probably something really simple that you guys will notice straight away, but i’ve been trying for weeks to make it work/spot the issue and just can’t get the bottom of it.

Any help, greatly appreciated as always. (42.9 KB)


Hey Scott,
I briefly looked at it. I think you might be adding RowNumber twice so you’re skipping that row and therefore it is reading a blank value. You could also display a message box right before the Decision to check the value of RowNumber and GrandTotal.

I did not run it or anything to verify, though.


Thanks Clayton, I did test the output of the Variable last week and it was showing as Grand Total, so it might be the extra RowNumber Assign. I’ll give it a shot, thanks!