Read and write range for refresh pivot

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I tried to read the data using read range in excel application scope to write the data into other excel sheet for refresh the pivot table. But, when i tried to read and write, read is done properly and while writing into other excel, i need to wipe out the existing entries in the excel and replace with this read range data into that.

Anyone assist me to fix this prob!!!

Thanks a lot!!!

Janarthanan Arunachalam


If i understood you right, you can use append activity if you do not want to delete this data.
Now if you need to delete this data, you can use delete range activity which will empty this sheet.
If you are not aware of range, you can get it by reading this excel file or you can provide static range

Hi Lakshay,

I will tell you the exact scenario of the process.
For Ex:- Book 1 and Book 2 is the two excel file. Book 1 excel file have the Pivot template in sheet 1 and next sheet 2 has the original data for the pivot. Now, i want to copy the data from Book 2 excel file to Book 1 sheet 2. When i tried to paste the data from Book 2 excel into Book 1 Sheet 2, i would like to wipe out the existing data in Sheet 2 and replace with read data from Book 2. But, the data is copied in Sheet 2 along with existing data.

My concern is, i want to wipe the existing data in Sheet 2 and replace with the new data for refresh the pivot.

Janarthanan A


  1. Delete sheet2
  2. write range into sheet 2

Wahoo!!! Now, all set to copy the read data into the Book 1 Sheet 2. I used delete worksheet to delete the existing sheet data and pasted the read sheet data into the Sheet 2 to refresh the pivot.

Thanks Buddy @Lakshay_Vermaimage

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