Read all the rows of 3 different columns and tell if they have the same amount of values


I’m having trouble creating something that looks simple.
I have an excel table like:

| code | sequence | level |
| AA | 1 | 877 |
| BB | 5 | 947 |

I would like a robot that read all the rows (that contains values) of all the three columns and show me if they all have the same amount of values or not.

Hi, i imagine you used an excel scope activity and inside a read range, then you got your excel read to a Data Table, after that you can iterate your data using a For Each Row activity and make use of IF condition activity to check what you need in each row.


Thank you for the response :slight_smile:
I already did that, but how do I use the “read range” activity to read only values from one column? I want to read all values from one column, and after that, read all values from other column and so on…

In the read range give the value of range as A:A for column if you just want to read column A. similarly for b give B:B. if you want to read each column differently.

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I did that and it returns the count of all rows, even the blank rows after the last row with values. So is showing like a million rows.
Is anyway that I can only count the rows with values?

Thats why we have the read column, it wont do that…

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