Read a single cll

Hi, I am trying to read the value of a single cell and store it in a string variable with the read cell activity (Workbook, not using excel application scope). However, entering any cell ID into the cell input will return “cannot convert from system.double”.

Is there any other activity that can do this

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For the cell property of the read cell activity, you have to give the cell ID as a string.

if using a variable to hold the number it should be like
“A” + RowNumberVariable.ToString

Hi, thank you for the welcome!

im using a integer variable (sum) but still doesn’t work

The highlighted part in blue, here you have to mention the variable for the value you read… It cannot be string like that. Just add a variable to hold the value and it should work fine

The highlighted part in blue is the sheet name of the excel file and the sum is the row number im holding in a variable

oops sorry… I was just confused… ignore my previous comment…

Can I see the properties panel of the read cell activity?

HI Sir, I have fixed the error by changing my output variable from a string type to a double type and it worked.

Thank you as I looked at it again and realised.
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