Re-Framework using Orchestrator API (Converting JSON to Queue Item)

Hi Guys, I have used Re-Framework template before and did a basic modification for it to get transactions from Excel file and work.

I have succeeded to add queue items to the orchestrator using API (JSON), has any one tried getting transaction using API?

Please let me know if you have made attempt to this and succeeded.

was you working with swagger for explorations:

Thanks @ppr for a quick response. I have already explored swagga (On-Premise) but I having challenge convert a JSON response into Queue Item variable.

Give a try on deserializing the single Queue Item String into a QueueItem

myQueueItem = JSONConvert.DeserializeObject(Of QueueItem)(JSONStringOfSingleQueueItem)

ensure Newtonsoft.JSON and Newtonsoft.JSON.Linq are added to the imports (panel close to variables)

otherwise you can also fetsch the queue item by Get Queue Items (note the s on end) using the reference of the queue item

Thanks @ppr I used below code and it managed to convert.

testQueueItem = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of QueueItem)(testJSONstring)

Another issue I have encountered is now I can’t get transaction items by name anymore. I’m not sure where do I go wrong.

My API Uri is this:

***** /odata/QueueItems?$top=1&$filter=Robot/Description eq 'HR Birthdays' and Status eq UiPath.Core.Model.Queues.ProcessingStatus%27New%27

Perfect. So lets get scoped this topic only on the conversion of JSON-QueueItem. This will others easier to find the solution for the similar case. May we ask you to close the topic by marking the solving post as solution. Thanks for support

for the new question just open a new topic for this case

Thanks @ppr

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