RE Framework Example or More Detailed Walkthrough?

Hi, complete rookie here. I have completed the Level 1 and Level 2 RPA Developer Foundation / Orchestrator trainings and am stuck on the Level 3 advanced training. I watched the tutorial video and read the PDF, and I understand how the states interact with each other and how the workflow flows in general, but I simply do not understand how to use the framework for something as simple as extracting a table from a webpage to a CSV. I am able to write something simple in a sequence or flowchart that can do this, but I’m not sure how to integrate it with the RE Framework.

Can anybody provide an example of a simple program using the RE Framework? It doesn’t need to be from the Advanced training, I just need to see something first hand to be able to understand it.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Hi @Spal23

I hope this post will help you a bit :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the response @loginerror

So I looked at your example, and I understand how to make the changes so that the Framework doesn’t rely on Orchestrator Queues, but if I wanted to do something like scrape a webpage and create a table, would I just invoke those specific workflows within the Process workflow?


The framework is there to run that one Process workflow.

Great, thank you again! In that case, is adding to the config file even necessary?

This depends on your use case. For example, if you only want to scrape a webpage and create a table once, then you don’t need the framework at all.

However, if you want to scrap 100 pages on a site that requires a login, then it might be better to consider a framework for these benefits:

  1. you can now include the credentials for the site in your Config file
  2. you can store the url of your site in the config file (easier to change once in Excel than a lot of times in the workflows)
  3. you can control how many pages were scraped
  4. you can retry the scraping on pages that failed

As you can see, the framework is basically allowing you to run more complex processes in a robust way.


Great, thanks again! This explanation helped a lot!

Complete reference on RE Framework explained to the best of my abilities Guys as promised I made tutorial on re framework …


Thank you so much for this post…it is very helpful :slight_smile:

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Hi Karthik,
Can you pls share the Reframework .xaml file please where you explained the InputList scenario? Thanks…

I’ve updated my Video Tutorial from Start to Finish about REFramework


Same boat. The RPA Developer Advanced course does not do a good job of explaining setup and integration of ReFramework and Orchestrator.

@AndersJensen, your video is very helpful, going step-by-step with very clear explanations. Thanks!!!

P/S. You should be hired by UiPath to provide what is missing in their ReFramework courses! :wink:

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@loginerror This is very helpful and something UiPath didnt bother to provide. Thanks for the effort you put into this!!!

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Thanks a lot @Ij-bot - I think the academy has it’s (great) strengths, when you want to dig deep down to all the nice UiPath topics, while my 1 hour video is a hands-on REFramework 101 :slight_smile:

A couple of months ago the guys at the academy did reach out and asked for feedback. I told them that they’re doing an awesome job (I take courses myself), but they might need to make it a little more accessible (easier for beginners).