Radio button excel

I want to click on the radio button inside a excel file but it wont let me click on it, instead all the excel sheet is selected.
How can i click on it

You could try the Select Object or Selection Pane located here:

I recommend using the alt-key with TypeInto
TypeInto "[k(alt)]hfdp"
followed by other keys to select the object
TypeInto "[k(alt)]hfdo"
then “[k(tab)]” to select all the objects. You can additionally check the Name Box if you have correct Object.


I forgot to add how to Check the Option Box.

You can use another Alt-key combo.
TypeInto "[k(alt)]ll"
that gets to the Properties in Developers tab
Then select Checked or Unchecked or use Alt+C or Alt+U, followed by Enter


It work for me thank you very much