Queue Items with Job correlation

once i start the job using startjobs REST API including 2-3 robotIDs in the JSON payload, job will be running and completed.

When the odata/QueueItems REST API Is invoked, In the queue item status shows as “New”.

how do i associate jobs initiated using startjobs against Queue items. how will i know current queue item belongs to which job.

Hello @santosh9384,

Hope this could help you: From the transactions page you can see which Robot processed the work item:


I Know which Robot ID I have used to start the Job. When the job is started it gets pushed to Queue. From Queue I am trying to find correlation between Queue response and Release Key.

My query is:
When you invoke following REST API:
It provides JSON response. From the JSON response am not finding a way to associate to Release Key or ID.

For example , Invoke QueueItems REST API and receive following response:

@odata.context”: “https://staging.uipath.com/odata/$metadata#QueueItems”,
@odata.count”: 169,
“value”: [
“QueueDefinitionId”: 32,
“QueueDefinitionName”: “myFirstQueue_APItest”,
“ProcessingExceptionId”: 389,
“OutputData”: null,
“Status”: “Failed”,
“ReviewStatus”: “None”,
“Key”: “1323fbce-3899-466f-bdec-1a2eaf90e66d”,
“ExceptionType”: “BusinessException”,
“DueDate”: null,
“Priority”: “Normal”,
“DeferDate”: null,
“StartProcessing”: “2017-01-20T15:09:28.777Z”,
“EndProcessing”: “2017-01-20T15:09:29.873Z”,
“SecondsInPreviousAttempts”: 1,
“AncestorId”: null,
“RetryNumber”: 0,
“SpecificData”: “{"DynamicProperties":{"totalValue":423}}”,
“CreationTime”: “2017-01-20T14:55:10.4Z”,
“Id”: 782971,
“SpecificContent”: {
“totalValue”: 423
“Output”: null

From the above response how to figure out which Release Key or Robot ID has pushed this into Queue. Any way to find out which job has pushed this into Queue.

In the screenshot that you have given, The REFERENCE contains TEST 3, TEST2. whether that is associated to Release key that you provide while starting job using REST API?

Hello @santosh9384,

The REFERENCE field is used to facilitate the search of a specific queue item. This property is available starting in 2017.1.

Reference : A custom identifier for a transaction or a group of transactions. This is set from the automation project, using the Add Queue Item or Add Transaction Item activity



is there way to process only items with specific reference.

We are trying to get similar issue resolved. We have data from Jobs API and QueueItems API.

We are trying to link what job from Jobs API is associated with queueItems from the QueueItems API.

Help is appreciated.

From the Jobs API you can extract RobotName or Machine Name.

You can use this to get queueItems by Expanding Robots.


Basically, in Swagger, you must put
Expand = Robot
Filter = Robot/Name eq ‘RobotName’


Expand = Robot
Filter = Robot/MachineName eq ‘HostName’

Tip: if you have Multiple Robots on Same Machine do not use Robot/MachineName go for Robot/Name