Queue Item Argument Default Value

Good afternoon,

When I am testing various workflows that rely on queue items, it is sometimes easier for me to set default values to arguments for testing purposes. Is there a way to set a default value to a queue item argument, just like you would a string argument? Please see screenshot below:

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Hello everyone,

There is no way to add a VB expression that adds a default value to a queue item so instead, I resorted to the below method:

1- I created an excel spreadsheet than contains my queue items to be tested.

2- I uploaded the excel spreadsheet into my queue.

3- I added a Get Queue Item activity in the workflow that I am testing and assigned the output to in_TransactionItem.

4- I tested my workflow without having to change any of the variables within the workflow.

PM me for anyone that has any questions, this was a huge time saver for us.

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