Question on empty file

This is a StudioX question.
I have an Excel file.
How check if a file is blank or not using StudioX activities ?


I assume you are talking about the excel with empty rows.

For this we can use below steps to find out whether the excel file having rows with data or empty.

  1. Use excel File activity and enter your excel file path.

  2. Use read range activity to read the data into data table by saving it using Save for later activity.

  3. Now use if condition and select the save for later and select the data table you specified there in child property you could see the row count.

  4. If RowCount>0 the excel have rows and if it is not excel is empty.

i hope it will helpful for your requirement. thanks.

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@kirankumar.mahanthi1 very good explained what you should do.
Please take an example:

condition inside ‘if’ activity should looks like:
Excel.Sheet(“Sheet1”).RowCount > 0


Thanks @pikorpa .

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