@ppr i need you help, please!!!

Good afternoon, I have the following automation that, given an Excel file, builds the following Template with its data and sends it by mail.

The problem I am having is that if a person completes the Important Points section and leaves the Important Sub Points section blank it should look like this:


And my problem is that I am adding one more vignette, I attach a capture of how I currently see myself:


I attach my project!

automatizacionResumenDaily (53.6 KB)

could you verify this? I tried to modify the code that you gave me for the topic of “IMPORTANT POINTS AND SUB IMPORTANT POINTS”, but I only need this last step.

I could already solve the issue that if someone writes less Important Points it works correctly, I just need this.

I need to correct this, it is almost ready. The theme that saves the last value executed, that is, it directly executes the entire column.


Hi @Atejera ,

Try using this assign after you exit the loop where you create “strListFragment”.

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Thank you gresilda !!!

The line of code that I used to make everything work correctly was this:


Everything works correctly, thank you very much !!!

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