Query oracle on multiple databases at once

I make queries to several databases in the same SQL, using union, to indicate each oracle database in each query I use @ database1, @ database2, …
This is possible to do in uipath?
Or do I have to do each query independently and then join them together?

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Hi @Aguirre

You can use the above Query in Execute Query Activity
Enclosing with double quotes and semicolon before Enclosing!


Sorry, I do not understand the example you indicate.
Could you write me a short example.

Hi @Aguirre

Check with below format!



I get this error
“There is no type mapping of the UiPath.Database.DatabaseConnection object to a native type from a well-known managed provider.”

I have made the four connections, I pass by parameter the connections to the query, but it gives me the previous error.

Hi @Aguirre

Since you re using Different database the connection string will vary for each connection and you re not allowed to use multiple Connections as Single Connection name in Execute Query !

So as per my Knowledge you need to use as a seperate Query!


Thank you very much for the info, I have previously carried out other processes as you say, but I wanted to try to do everything in a single query.
The problem as you comment is the multiple connections, that is why I have tried to pass it as a parameter, however it does not work for me.
Thanks for the help, I leave the topic open in case someone comes up with the solution.
All the best

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Hello @Aguirre,

I don’t have much knowledge on the queries but I think we can run these queries in another ways

Create a store procedure with all queries included and add the store procedure to the execute query activity and check it.

I’m hoping this will solve.

You mean creating a procedure in Oracle or uipath, it is not clear to me, an example could you give me?

Create a store procedure in oracle and implement the same store procedure in uipath