Query number of transactions per job

When trying to query from DB in order to find count of all Transactions ran on a particular Robot (RobotID) in association with the JobID, I run into an issue that there is no FK correlation between the Jobs table and the Queue Items table in order to make the connection. Do you have any suggestion on how to make this connection and reason for why there is no referential connection for these two tables?

Hi @acwhite0128
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What DB are you attempting to query?

Maybe I misunderstood.
But, could you not just get the last TransactionNumber from a Job run per Robot? That would (or should) give you the number of transactions that were performed on the Robot during the Job run.

Or, maybe you can query the Queue Items by Robot and State, to get all successful jobs run on a Robot for example.

However, maybe it’s more complicated than that or what you are trying to achieve.


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Orchestrator Production database. We are trying to get a count of total transactions run for each job. (on all jobs)