Query code

(From r In DT.AsEnumerable
Group By k = r(“ID”).ToString, a =r(“Type”).ToString Into grp = Group
Let ra =New Object(){k,a,grp.Sum(Function(x)CDbl(x(“Value”).ToString)),String.Join(“,”,grp.Select(Function(x)x(“Date”).ToString).ToArray),grp(0)(“Name”).ToString}
Select OutputDT.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDatatable can someone explain this code what is DT and outputDT

DT would be the data table you are using in this code, and outputDT is the data table that you will be storing the output of the query in

for example if I have InputDT as the DT to plug into the query and then outputDT

But I am getting as object reference not found

Can you please show screenshot

Can you please share xaml file with this code

Can you show me your code so I can see where the issue is

I have a datatable as

A. B. C. D

123 A. 10.00 request1
123 A. 10.00 request1

Output should be

A. B. C. D
123 A 20.00 request1

Since column A and B are same need to append it

I have used the above query

But I got the output as

A. B. C. D

123 A. 40. request1

Hi @sruthesanju

Can you try replacing sum of c column with this

String.Join(“||”,grp.Where(Function(x) Not x(“Value”).ToString.Contains(“||”)).
Select(Function(x) x(“Value”).ToString)).Split({“||”},StringSplitOptions.None).Take(CInt(String.Join(“||”,grp.Where(Function(x) Not x(“Value”).ToString.Contains(“||”)).
Select(Function(x) x(“Value”).ToString)).Split({“||”},StringSplitOptions.None).Count-1)).Sum(Function(x) CInt(x.ToString))