Python Script - Pipe is Broken

Hi Guys. I installed Python 3.6 32 Bit in the following path as shown in the image below:

I have a script which does scripting and creates a JSon file, When I run the script on its own from terminal it works.

With UiPath i get Pipe is Broken.

Can you advise please?

Hi @Hurmet_Noka ,

Have a Look on the Below Discussion on the Same error :

Maybe First Loading the Python Script and then using the Invoke Python Method could resolve the issue

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I run a simple script which has only one line:

import pandas as pd

It was successfully ran.

My scrapping script gives pipe is broken.
The result is a json file of size: 58,8 KB

I dont know why it says pipe is broken, its bullshit. I use Beautiful Soup and Selenium to scrape some data from a website.

Hi I have the same problem. Did you find solution?