Python Script Integration with uipath and passing arguments from uipath

Hi, I have script with two arguments and currently I am using start process activity to run the script. but I am not able to pass the arguments. CAN ANYONE PLEASE Help!!!

I have same issue… Could someone help me also

Have you checked this?

let me know if this helps you
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yeah. But the script is lengthy and cant do it on python scope. so i tried start process. and not able to pass the argument in start process

start process? its used to start the process not the python code


Please share some sample script you are trying.

Ashok :slight_smile:


Even long acripts can be run using python scope …you can create a .py file and cal it as well

Also in invoke code how are you trying to trigger?

You should be able to pass based on how youa re calling it

But ideally it would be better to use pythonscope