Put txt file in alphabetical order

Hi. Simple question.

How do i put .txt file into alphabetical order?



I assume you mean there are multiple .txt files with different names, if not please provide more details.

If yes, you should read the names into a list and then sort that list using yourList.Sort()

no sorry. Just lots of email addresses in one .txt file. Each email is on a new line.

I just need to put them in alphabetical order



@MarkC1500 Similar thing really. Read the .txt file into a string and convert them to a list(to sort) and then convert them back to a string.
XAML attached - Sort Text File.xaml (6.7 KB)

Hi Mark,

Can you share the sample text file?

Hi Rahul.

Results_Valid.zip (689 Bytes)

My final output needs to be a .txt file in the same format (1 email per line) but in alphabetical order.




Thanks @TimK Seems to have done the job

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Hi Mark,

Please go through the attached workflow.

Get back if there are any issues.

Main.xaml (11.9 KB)

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