Put a row from a sheet in another sheet ant at the next row

Hi all,

I have 2 sheets: the first is “picture” and the second is " Etat d’avancement".

I want to put the row 2 from “picture” :

in the next line in sheet " Etat d’avancement" since “G”:

I did that:

In the write range activity , I wrote this code : “G”+(OutDT.Rows.Count+1)ToString :


But it is not good!!

You can to help me?

Thanks lot.

Hi @Al_Bert

Can you share excel file?

Hi @Al_Bert ,

Is this Static ?
I mean you always want to put 2nd row data of picture on 3rd row of Etat d’avancement or their is some condition in between .


Hi all, I find the solution, thanks to your help.

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