Pull cells from excel using studio

I am just starting to learn on UI Path. I have found some examples that do something similar when its a tidy excel sheet. However the one I need to pull data from is not tidy.

There are basically 2 different data groups one above the other, as such I am unable to use the header name to call the second data group.

Any advice?

Hi welcome to the community!
So you cant make any changes to your excel and the sizes of those groups are not known?

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This is a crude example of the data I have.

But I need to pull the cells from the second group.
The size of the groups will grow over time.

Any Ideas?

you never answered my question about being able to make any changes in the excel :slight_smile: If you cant, then you will have to read it all and inside a for each row, you will read until you find row(0).ToString=Date, then you will know your second group started…

My apologies, I might be able to make changes. I would have to talk it over with the data owner.
I also realized that my previous example / request might have been to generic.
There are the 2 groups of data, they do have some form of text labels.
Also in group 2 I need to find the last weeks data specifically that exceeds 10,000 and then copy that data if it exists if not then continue.

Hopefully this makes it more clear, sorry for any confusion and thanks again for the help.