Processing specific Items from Same Queue

Hi, We have a single queue with 2 different kind of items (Lets call A and B).

Creating a new queue is not an option, since the most of the process overlaps with A and B items, so we maintain a single queue for them.

I need to process specific items sometimes. For example, in the beginning of the month we will have more A type items, how do we ensure that B items are processed on time, without A items overwhelming the queue?

Is setting the priority while adding items to the queue is the only option?
Is there a way to change the priority of all B type items after uploading them to queue with any activity? (We upload them as High and then change it to Low after sometime)

What is the best way to handle this? Thanks!

Hi Manoj.

I am not sure about this way is the efficient one

We can not change the priority of existing queue item , However we can clone it and set the required priority. And should delete those items which are been cloned to avoid duplicate processing.


Priority would make all the B items process before the A items. If you want things processed in a certain order you can use the Deadline.

You can change priority after queue item creation, using the API.

You could still have separate queues and make your automation pull from queue B until there are no items in queue B then pull from queue A.

Hi @postwick, Thanks for the comment. I’ll look into the deadline & see how I can use it.