Processing a datatable (multi-pronged challenge)

Hello all, this seems like a great community, and I hope I can get some good help for my little problem.

I have this DataTable:

What I need to do is:

  1. Group all rows by the code following the § sign in the description column (In the example data in the picture above, all rows have a unique code, but for production - some of the rows will have the same code, i.e. §test1)

  2. For every group I need to sum the group’s rows’ endtime-starttime value (only time here, not date)

I want to end up with something like this (example):

Code, HoursSum
§test1, 16h

Could anyone help me with the above transformation in UIPath?
BIG Thanks,

Hi @Jakob_Petersen,
Easiest and efficient way to do it is you can write macro for excel and use execute macro activity or
You can Loop through each column and convert date time to time format. Add all time in that row.

I think this may help you.:innocent:

If you need some more clarity on this , let me know. Happy automation :star_struck: