Problem with date formatting


I have string which is date in format “Dec-15-2020” , I want turn it into “Dec 15, 2020”

It can also be “Jan-1-2021” and then it has to be “Jan 1, 2021”

So I want replace first “-” with empty space " " and 2nd “-” with , and empty space ", "

What is best way to do this?

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Use DateTime.ParseExact

The syntax is:
DateTime.ParseExact(dateString, currentFormat,Nothing).ToString(newFormat)

For example if your date is “Dec-15-2020” and you want to convert it to Dec 15, 2020
you do
DateTime.ParseExact("Dec-15-2020","MMM-dd-yyyy",Nothing).ToString("MMM dd, yyyy")

you can even add hours/minutes/seconds
hours = hh
minutes = mm (note that upper case M = month, lower case m = minutes)
seconds = ss

This is just a few of the choices, you can see the full list here

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There are some ways to achieve it as the following.


System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(text,"-(\d+)-"," $1,")


DateTime.ParseExact(text,"MMM-d-yyyy",nothing).toString("MMM d,yyyy")


arrStr = text.Split({"-"c})
arrStr(0)+" "+arrStr(1)+","+arrStr(2)


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Hello @Darba

Check below for your reference

Hope this helps you


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I tried make next edition of this by having datatable which has “Opening date” and which I loop through and change every row opening date to this format, but I got error “Assign: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.”

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