Problem with clone datatable


I had used datatable.clone to clone the headers of another datatable into a new one, but when i use write range i can’t see the headers but when i put the cloned datatable inside a msbox it shows the headers!!!

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Check Add Headers in write range

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Hello @abdel

Please, check if you marked the propriety “ADDHEADERS” in Write Range Activitie

i marked “addheaders” but it does not works!!!


Can you share your code?

Initialisation.xaml (43.2 KB)


Try disable the option "Create new file "in excel scope, I can’t test it because I don’t have the file.

there is nor “create new file” in my version:


Send me the file

i sent you the file right now


Hi @abdel,

I don’t know if this is resolved, but if it isn’t, here’s what I noted in your workflow:

  1. You’re using a variable and an argument with the same name, and you’ve done this twice: “DT_Last_Modified_file_header” and “DT_Last_Modified_file”

  2. In the message box, I see you’re using the variable “DT_Last_Modified_file_header_txt” which you have only used once in your entire workflow. This is a string variable which never gets anything assigned to it in your workflow so i don’t know how you’re getting any value out of it.

  3. And in write range, you’re using “DT_Last_Modified_file_header” variable with Add headers column checked. This looks fine.

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