Problem triggering Process on GSheets Change

I am currently trying the Integration service and am already stuck on the first and in my opinion most useful feature.
I would like to trigger an automation, every time a Google sheets file is changed.
And since that is one of the trigger options I thought it should work.
Managed to create the connection alright, also have a simple process (Read sheets file, write into local excel file, so the excel is always up to date with sheets), but I don’t know why the process never gets triggered. My Assistant is connected, the automation is in there, but I think I am missing something…
I know for a fact that the connection works well since I was able to use it fine when making the process in Studio, but when deployed, it does not get triggered.

Here are some pics:

Any Ideas?

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Are you getting any error? If so please share us


Hi, nope, no error, just the process doesn’t trigger at all…