Problem Creating Mailbox


After creating the user in AD (with user principal name) by using the Create User activity available inside the ActiveDirectoryDomainService Package successfully, the Create Mailbox (Exchange Server) activity throws error -

Create Mailbox: An unexpected error has occurred: System.Management.Automation.RemoteException: The operation couldn't be performed because object '' couldn't be found on ''."

If I try after some time like 10 minutes then it doesn’t throw any error.

What could be the reason of the problem?
What is the workaround?

@loginerror need your help.

How the “Create Mailbox” activity identify the user?

I’m not sure about the underlying issue, but it looks like it takes a bit for the API (on which the activities rely) to catch up to the action.

I’m not sure something can be done about it though, I’ll have to check with the team.

Although, on a second thought, please provide more context :slight_smile: The original issue I replied to has been from a while a go, so it is not clear if your current one is still about the same.


do the Exchange activities come after the AD sequence, or are they (ExchangeScope in particular) nested under the AD Scope?


Exchange scope is nested under AD scope

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