Printing Specific Columns

Apple Fruit 18-Apr-2022
Banana Fruit 18-Apr-2022
Guava Fruit 19-Apr-2022
Capsicum Vegetable 19-Apr-2022
Cauliflower Vegetable 20-Apr-2022

How to retrieve whole column where Date is 18-Apr-2022.

Give a try at:

Assign Activity:
LHS: dtFiltered |Datatype: dtFiltered

(From d in YourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable
Where CDate(d(2).toString.Trim).Date = new DateTime(2022,4,18).Date
Select r=d).CopyToDataTable

For Adoptions and further analysis have a look here:

@Ishan_Shelke1 You mean you want to select the row whose date is 18-Apr-2022

Yes I want to print those rows where date is 18-Apr-2022

@Ishan_Shelke1 Try this workflow (9.8 KB)





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