Printing 2 arrays in 1 line

Hi, how can I print 2 array variables in 1 line? Example:

ArrayX(0) + ArrayY(0)
ArrayX(1) + ArrayY(1)
ArrayX(2) + ArrayY(2)
and so on…

Console.write (arrx[0].toString + " " + arry[0].toString)

@skini76 thanks

however i meant:

ArrayX(0) + ArrayY(0) ‘next line’
ArrayX(1) + ArrayY(1) ‘next line’
ArrayX(2) + ArrayY(2) ‘next line’
and so on…

Hence it will generate out 2 array values in 1 line and the next 2 values in the next line

pl use vbNewLine at end to print in next line

@rkelchuri thanks
however my there is no fixed number of data from my array. it can be different at times.
so how can i do it without inputting the (0), (1), (2) …

loop with incremental variable.
Logic as follows:

Console.write (arrx[i].toString + " " + arry[i].toString,vbNewLine)

@rkelchuri thanks however i don’t think it works for my case…

For example:
arrayX = {“1”, “2”}
arrayY = {“A”,“B”}

I only want one single message box to show all data together:
“1 A
2 B”

In that case do the same thing in a loop and append to one variable only with vbNewline in the end
That way once out of the loop, put the variable in a message box and you will have your values