Print item in for each

Hi, how to print for ‘for each item’ ?

@sangasangasanga U cant display datarow like that. what is the input for each loop?

It is filtered rows but I am not sure if the output is correct. Thus, why i wanted to print it

@sangasangasanga datarow cant be displayed like that. If u specifically want certain value in the row use column number as index and get the value.

You may find below file,

PrintItemUsingForEach.xaml (9.9 KB)


Hi, i am using ‘for each’ activity not ‘for each row’ activity

@sangasangasanga U can use ‘for each row’ right why you using ‘for each’ for getting values from each row in datatable.

Pls follow this

Hi, it isn’t a data table, it an arrayrow that’s why i am using ‘for each’ activity instead of ‘for each row’ activity

@sangasangasanga use get row item activity to get data from specific column give input as item to it.

Hi @Manjuts90, let me explain what I am doing and maybe you suggest me a way on it.
I am reading range to dt.
I am suppose to
(use…copyTodataTable, then use for each row for the filtereddt)
However, copytodatatable is not longer 2018.3 update.
Thus i hv to use (without copytodatatable) which the output is filtered arrayrow. Then use ‘for each’ activity to get the filtered rows.

why dont you convert your output array of rows to an array or list of string values and then for each you can print.
You are already using linq so you can do a convert of the row and then to Array or List

(From row In copyTodataTable.Select String.Join(",",row.ItemArray)).ToList() = array/list variable

your row of the dt will be a string or comma separated values