Print excel file format country code and iban number separately

this part is FR for some people…not a

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@ertan_ay1 , Could you show us the Expression in the Workflow ? Want to know what is the value you are using as the String.

in this way


@ertan_ay1 ,

It looks like you are passing a Hardcoded value into the Type into Activity.

If you are supposed to enter each value present in the Excel Column, then You would need to read the Excel as a Datatable using Workbook Read Range Activities, Use For Each Row Activity Then Inside For Each Row Activity you would have to use Type Into Activity with the Below Expression :


Here CurrentRow is each row present in the Datatable and CurrentRow("IBAN").ToString will provide us the IBAN value of each row in Excel.

this code writes the same number for everyone but everyone has a different number :frowning:

@ertan_ay1 ,

Yes. That is because you are using the Hardcoded value as the Input String.

We need to replace it with your dynamic row value from the Excel.

You are using this Expression :


You have to replace the String "55199415284267214210047337" with your dynamic value from the For Each Row in Datatable.


You would require to do the Solution Somewhat in the Below way :

I understand what you mean but my excel is coming by email,for this reason i can’t copy the path

@ertan_ay1 ,

In that case, Could you Explain what is your Process actually ? You could explain it Stepwise?

Earlier, You did share Screenshots of Excel Sheet, Hence was assuming that you had an Excel file from where you are retrieving the values.

First of all, I apologize for not being able to reply right away. @supermanPunch

  1. client account login request coming to me
    2)by email
    3)this excel file is downloaded by the robot
    4)As seen in the photo, all information is entered in the UiTest.
  2. name, surname, customer number, and IBAN
    6)However, as seen in the photo, the country code that is a letter as IBAN information and the IBAN number that follows are combined and it is requested to be written separately in the box.
    7)and all customers’ IBAN information and country code letters are different. (sample = FR5454485785454 , TR5445544544555, AB545845454854, FS5648764548654 as…)

@ertan_ay1 , Were you able to Automate the Downloading/Saving of the Excel in the Email Request?

What are the Steps you have already Automated ?

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