Print excel file format country code and iban number separately

hi team,print excel file format country code and iban number separately, how to print country code and IBAN number in two separate boxes , help me please… UiTest;

@ertan_ay1 plz inspect on those two boxes and check whether the selectors are different for those boxes

You can use UI Explorer to inspect.

Else if it is not different you will have to tag to proper selectors to meet the requirement.

Plz try to use App/Web recorder also.

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@Rahul_Unnikrishnan hi bro, I want to tell you how I can write team separately /////TR////55199415284267214210047337

@ertan_ay1 Sorry not clear about your doubt. Can you explain again. Do you want to get the data as below?

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yes I want to write letters and numbers separately but they are in ona column for Axcel file

Hi @ertan_ay1 ,

Assuming below is the example value you want the Digits and Characters to be Separate, the pattern being Characters are at the beginning followed by the Digits always :


We could Check with the Below Expression to get the Letters/Characters :


We could Check with the Below Expression to get the Digits :


thank you, so so i use them in the İF blog ?

@ertan_ay1 , I do not think there is a need to use an If Activity here.

You could directly use the Expression in the Type Into Activity.

thank you very much this partially solved my problem
only some numbers have letters, some don’t ant write the letter twicee


@ertan_ay1 ,

What do you want to do when there are no Letters ?

I just want her to write the numbers in the big box :frowning:

@ertan_ay1 ,

In that case, it would mean you’re keeping the Small Box Empty.

Then you could use the Below Expressions :


If there are no Letters, then it just types empty value in the small Box. It reduces the use of if activity i.e if you want to keep the small box blank when there are no letters.

Check these Expressions and Let us know if it doesn’t work.

For values ​​with letters, it should be written in the letter section

in this case i need to use these codes in if event ? @supermanPunch

condotion ? :frowning:

@ertan_ay1 ,

Use the First Expression above to write the Letters into the Letters Section.

Use the Second Expression above to write the Numbers into the Numbers Section.

No need to use if Activity.

@supermanPunch well, it worked, but some numbers have two different letters, not TR, at the beginning, how can I achieve this?
It writes TR every time with the code you gave.
but some are like that

some are different

@ertan_ay1 ,

That shouldn’t be the case.

Could you show us a Screenshot of How you are using the Expression ?