Print Data Row in For Each Row


I want to print the Column1 for checking every row if it’s null or not.

But I’m getting this error.

Thank you.

good day
Can you send the excel file and the xaml file?

@Shaira_Janine_Torio could you please share your workflow?

you want to check the whole row as null or empty. Try this:


String.Join("",row.itemArray).Trim—> It willl join all your columns and make a One String, then you can use function String.IsNullorEmpty

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The value is null, hence the error.
It means NULL can’t be converted to type string

In log you can use, it will handle the error:


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@Ghazal303 @Vrushali_Gave @KanadMehta @sachinbhardwaj

Good day, this is the sample (19.0 KB)
pullout.xlsx (8.5 KB)
reshuffle.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Thank you