Print cells in Excel on top of each other

I have a process working on
1- Copying an Excel file
2- delete specific cells
3- Print the dates of the month in a column
4- Move the column to all sheets

There is a problem with the third step, as it starts from the date 2/8/2023 (the 2 month is printed above cell 1 the month) and then completes the column as required

Main.xaml (21.0 KB)

Hi @Muneer_Alrashdan ,
I not clear your requirement
can you share your expect output

Hi @Muneer_Alrashdan

Could you be more elaborate your last point, we are not able to understand.


Okay @Muneer_Alrashdan

Use the sort range activity and select the ascending order. It may help you to change the order of the date values.

Sort range is the excel modern activity you have to use inside the use Excel file activity.

Hope you understand!!


Please try this to get all teh dates for given month

Enumerable.Range(0,DaysInMonth(2023,8)).Select(function(x) DateTime(2023,8,x)).ToArray

This will give all dates for a given month and year as array…which can be used as needed