Present Validation Station only if a statement is missing

Hello everybody,

i build a Prozess where i read the data from the pdf, digitizie it with ocr reader, extract the data and validate it in the validation station. now my question is, is it possible to build a if statement witch checks if anything missing in the document and if the accordance is more than 80% than it should write it in an excel file without going in the validation stadion. else it should add it to the queue in the orchestrator to valid it by an human .

the main question ist, is it possible to build a if statement like this? the rest is allready build.

Hi @adem1,

Yes, you can use an if statement following a classify document activity:

hello will and thanks for the fast reply but i am searching for a statement anything like this. the classifier is not my problem. my problem is that i dont want to validate every pdf. if everything is okay with it it should automatically countine but if any value is not as example over 80% than it should go in the validation Station

Hi @adem1,

That makes sense, what variable type is your variable? Can you output it to a message box?

If the value is a number, you could CInt() it and if the number is below 80% then open the validation station.

Apologies, I am pretty new to the document understanding


Were able to create a conditional statement to present validation station upon a condition? If so, can you share that conditional expression.